Our U3A hero

Finding the right software for your U3A is no easy task. It must be feature-rich, yet not too complex, sufficient for your needs yet able to grow into the future, affordable but not cheap, and supportive when you need help. Importantly, it must be designed for U3A, not something cobbled together from another industry.

We think that by finding our website your search may be over! Here's what we have to offer...

  A Member register sufficient for your needs
A member's detail
Person details

We gather member details that are required by your U3A, nothing more and nothing less.

  • Member name
  • Member address, email and phone numbers
  • Optional birth date & previous occupation / skill
  • In case of emergency details

We retain payment, enrolment and attendance details for current members.

We keep a record of volunteer activities including leader and course clerk lists, life members and other complimentary membership.

Importantly, this is what we do not record...

  • Bank account details
  • Credit/debit card numbers
  • Passwords

Finally, when this information is no longer required then we delete it.

  An email service that delivers!

There's no doubt about it, email is the inexpensive way of communicating with your membership. However, if not done correctly you will suffer bounced email and member frustration.

We ensure email addresses are correct by requiring new members to confirm their email when they register into our system.

We do email right meaning 99.9% of your email correspondence will be received by your members. Below is a graph of a typical 30 day period for one of our U3As...

Reliable email

That's impressive!

  Online member payments

We use the Eway online payments system to process new member payments and member renewals.

Eway offers a secure and reliable online payment gateway that accepts all major forms of credit/debit card. Importantly, Eway is an Australian company governed by Australian law and boasts local Australian support.

We can also process payments made by members directly from their bank account. However, the online payments system is preferred as the transaction is completed in real time, it is far more accurate and the money is transferred to your U3A's account usually by the next day.

That means no more manual reconciliations and no more orphaned payments.

  Complete course & class scheduling

Preparing the course schedule for the new year or even the next term can be a time consuming process. We reduce the data entry workload by incorporating a powerful scheduling module into the software. It takes the same amount of effort to create a class held once only as it does for a class held every day, every week or every month.

We provide visual aids to assist in the correct definition of course terms and to identify class and venue conflicts.

Term definition
Term definition
Class schedule
Class schedule

When you're done we produce a great easy to read class schedule with enrolment / waitlist statistics that are always up to date.

Class schedule report
Class schedule report
  Attendance Recording

Yes, we know there's a bit of controversy in U3A-land as to whether or not attendance should be recorded. That's why it's completely optional.

If you do decide to record attendance we have some tools to make it easier via the Member Portal. Leaders and clerks can record attendance for students in their courses, and students themselves can record their own attendance via the Cllass Sign-In / Sign-Out procedure. That saves a lot of work for office volunteers.

Attendance recording itself is a pretty quick and simple process. Just select the students required from a grid and select Present, Absent With Leave or Absent Without Leave.

And, we give your some great reporting and analysis as a result...

Attendance report
  A single source of truth

There is one and only one database of information. Eliminate multiple spreadsheets, duplication and redundant data - after all it's just a security risk.

  Secure by default

How many times have you read the word, secure on this website? We take this responsibility seriously. We keep your data safe in Australian-based, Microsoft Azure databases and provide access to that data using industry-standard role-based authoristaion policies.